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De Familie hangmat Gigante Lava is de grootste hangmat in ons assortiment! Deze zeer grote familiehangmat kan een maximaal gewiocht aan van maar liefst 280 kilo. Hier kun je makkelijk met de hele familie in liggen!
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Hammock Family Gigante Lava

Model Hammock Family
Color Orange
About Tropilex Amazonas
Weight 3.3 kg
Storage bag Yes
Capacity 280 kg
Material Cotton
Spreaderbar No
Canvas length 300 cm
Canvas width 200 cm
Total length 450 cm
Minimum hanging length 410 cm
Minimum hanging height 160 cm
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Product description

One of the largest hammocks in the world!

This super large hammock is one of the biggest hammocks available. Only the Tropilex 'Mammock' is even bigger. The 'Mammock' hammock is of course also available at .

The size of this hammock surprises even the Brazilians! Approx. 6,000 cotton threads were used to make these six square meters of luxury woven hammock material. More than 30 meters of special thick-braided cords provide support for the wide spread of this enormous lying surface. This is how the Gigante Lava was born. Ideal for several people to lie comfortably.

Note: Due to its size, it is unfortunately not suitable for our hammock stands.

Tip: Still can't decide between two hammocks? Then choose the biggest. A bigger hammock is generally better than a smaller hammock.

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