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Hammock Family Mammock Flame

Model Hammock Family
Color Multicolor
About Tropilex Tropilex ®
Charity 1% For The Planet
Weight 4.1 kg
Storage bag Yes - Can also be used as a bag
Matching pillow Available (not included)
Matching plaid Available (not included)
Packaging 40 x 30 x 8 cm
Capacity 300 kg
Spreaderbar No
Canvas length 350 cm
Canvas width 240 cm
Total length 500 cm
Minimum hanging length 460 cm
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Product description

Hammock in XXXL format!

Big, bigger, biggest! This giant hammock is no less than 5 meters long, with a canvas measuring 350 cm long and 240 cm wide. These measurements make this 'mammoth' the largest Colombian hammock in the world!

The canvas of the 'Mammock' hammock provides a lying surface of 8.4 m². Which is ample room to lie back and relax with the whole family! One thing is certain; this special XXL hammock will provide plenty of beautiful family moments.

Thick canvas with a soft character

The 'Mammock' hammock has an extra thick canvas; up to 20% thicker than that of other brands. This thicker fabric offers more comfort and makes the hammock stronger and more durable.

The material is a combination of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The cotton and the unique patterns in the fabric give the 'Mammock' hammock its soft character.

Because of the polyester, the cotton can't stretch too much. It also makes the hammock more resistant to rain. However, we do always recommend storing the hammock in a dry place when not in use.

Colombian hammock

Colombian hammocks such as the 'Mammock' have extra suspension cords. This makes them spread out more easily than other hammocks. It also creates a better distribution of body weight. This all ensures they are even more comfortable.

The suspension cords come out of the fabric instead of being sewn onto it. Not only does this look good, but it also reduces the chances of snapping by up to 30%.

In addition, the 'Mammock' comes with an 'Open Loop' hanging loop to make suspension even easier.


The 'Mammock' hammock is a prime example of Colombian craftsmanship.

First the fabric is machine-woven, for a minimal margin of error and the best possible quality. The hammock is then finished by hand. After the large canvas has been cut to the right size, both ends are frayed separately. These 30 cm long threads, referred to as 'cadejo' in Colombia, are braided into cords. The suspension cords are tied to this 'cadejo' by hand.

The 'cadejo' gives the Colombian hammock its attractive, handmade look. It also provides extra strength and makes it easier for the hammock to open up.

Matching storage bag

Every Tropilex hammock comes with a matching bag. You can use this bag to store the hammock.

Made with love in Colombia

Tropilex Colombian hammocks are actually produced in Colombia. This country's centuries-long hammock tradition is reflected in these unique hammocks and hanging chairs!

Tropilex stands for Fair Trade: production under good working conditions and at a fair price. In this way, Tropilex contributes to the growing prosperity of developing regions.

Combination Deals

Don't forget to check out the combination deals on this page. You'll get an attractive discount when you order a hammock/hanging chair together with a stand or other accessory.

The corresponding products for these deals are clearly indicated. And then you also know for sure whether the stand or accessory matches your hammock / hanging chair!

1% For The Planet

By buying this product, you're directly supporting a good cause. As a member of 1% For The Planet, the Tropilex brand donates at least 1% of its total annual turnover to charities.

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