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Hanging Chair 1 Person Tropical Lychee Lounge

Key Features
Model Hanging Chair 1 Person
Brand 123 Hammock
Weight 2.6 kg
Colour Pink
Storage bag No
Capacity 120 kg
Material Cotton
Spreaderbar Yes
Lenght spreaderbar 130 cm
Canvas length 170 cm
Canvas width 130 cm
Minimum hanging height (if hanging chair) 220 cm

Product description

Lovely hanging chair from 123 Hammock

This hanging chair is one of the best-selling hanging chairs in the 123 Hammock family.

Hanging chairs from 123 Hammock are generally slightly cheaper than, for example, the quality brand Tropilex. The hanging chairs are very sturdy and durable, but if you want a hanging chair of better quality and with a good story, here at we always recommend the Tropilex hanging chairs.

Incidentally, hanging chairs from 123 Hammock are still much more durable and better quality than many other brands. So it's certainly not a bad purchase.

Hanging chair made from polycotton

Hanging chairs from 123 Hammock consist of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This has several advantages.

Polycotton is stronger than 100% cotton. By using polyester fibers, the hanging chair stretches out less. The hanging chair also retains its shape better when there has been a rain shower. Thanks to the polyester, the hanging chair also dries faster.

Furthermore, it's also better for the environment: For cotton plants to grow, many pesticides are used. Of course, our natural world doesn't benefit from this. So if less cotton is used, this is of course more sustainable.

Matching stands

We have matching hanging chair stands for all hanging chairs from 123 Hammock. You'll get a nice discount if you buy the hanging chair with a matching hanging chair stand. The discount is automatically added to your shopping cart.

Look at the bottom of this product page for the matching stands.

Got any questions, or simply want to order right from your chair?

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